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In our quest to break down barriers to exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors (ebikes was the beginning), we have started stocking running and walking shoes of the brands ALTRA and TOPO. If you haven’t heard of these brands, either had we 10 years ago, until Julia became frustrated with trying to run and walk with foot pain and uncomfortable shoes.

Both Altra and Topo are known for their “natural fit”, meaning the shoes are shaped like a foot, with a wider forefoot and comfort being the number one priority. Many models are “zero drop” meaning your heel is the same level of the forefoot to encourage natural biomechanics.

We have a range of road and trail shoes suitable for running and walking and invite you to drop in and check out our range.  As we do take tours and are out and about during the day, we recommend you call beforehand to make sure we are in the office (we can’t help but find excuses to get out on the trails!)

We will be open weekends 8am-5pm and Tuesday & Thursday from 6-8pm for anyone wanting to check out our shoes. The shoes can be trialled outside including on slopes and varied terrain to test out their features.

July 2023

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